Triquetra/Trinity Infinity Aromatherapy Locket 30mm

KarmaCords® Stainless steel Triquetra/Trinity Infinity aromatherapy locket -30mm. 

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Product Sizing Instructions
Bracelet size

To determine your wrist size, take a string, cord or piece of paper and wrap around your wrist against your skin without being loose. Hold or mark one of the ends. Measure the length from one end to your marking with a ruler. We add length for the bracelet to fit comfortably.  The average for women tends to be 6-6.25" and men tends to be 7-7.25".  If you have a preference for a tighter or looser fit, please include in the order notes.

Necklace length

18" necklaces will fit most people.   For a larger build or to have a lower hanging necklace, select 21-22".   For choker size necklaces on nylon cord, we also have 15-16" lengths.

Cord Type
  • Upgrade to 16" 4mm Nylon Soft Cord Necklace with Stainless Steel Clasp
  • Upgrade to 18" 4mm Nylon Soft Cord Necklace with Stainless Steel Clasp
  • None
  • 21-22" 2mm stainless steel rounded box chain
  • 18" 1.5mm stainless steel snake chain
  • 20" 2mm stainless steel rounded box chain
  • Upgrade to 20" Nylon Soft Cord Necklace with Stainless Steel Clasp
  • 20" 4mm steel link chain
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KarmaCords® Stainless steel Triquetra/Trinity Infinty aromatherapy locket. 

Triquetra symbol reminds us we are Mind, Body, & Spirit. Infinity represents infinite self with unlimited potential and reminds us to live without self-created limitations.   The Triquetra also represents the Trinity in Christianity.  Designed around the Triquetra and Infinity are rays of positive energy.

The locket opens up to put drops of your own essential oil on the included pad, for you to enjoy all day.  The locket comes with a black felt pad and 2 other colors.  

As options, we are offering 18 inch long 1.5mm stainless steel snake chain, 20 inch long 2mm stainless steel rounded box chain or durable 18 inch long 4mm nylon handmade necklace with stainless clasp.

30mm diameter.  The locket opens to 45 degrees.  Essential oil not included.

Design Copyright 2017-2024 by KarmaCords, All rights reserved.

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