10mm AUM Buddha Lava Rock SSHD Bracelet - Earth Frequency

AUM embodies vibration of the Universe, harmony, & immortal soul. Buddha reminds us to be peaceful and look within ourselves.

Black Lava Rock - Grounding, Calming, Strength, Courage; Essential Oil Diffuser

Stainless Steel High Durability version with 7.83 Hz Grounding Earth Frequency

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Product Sizing Instructions
Bracelet size

To determine your wrist size, take a string, cord or piece of paper and wrap around your wrist against your skin without being loose. Hold or mark one of the ends. Measure the length from one end to your marking with a ruler. We add length for the bracelet to fit comfortably.  The average for women tends to be 6-6.25" and men tends to be 7-7.25".  If you have a preference for a tighter or looser fit, please include in the order notes.

Necklace length

18" necklaces will fit most people.   For a larger build or to have a lower hanging necklace, select 21-22".   For choker size necklaces on nylon cord, we also have 15-16" lengths.

Wrist size
  • 7.0 in
  • 7.5 in
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AUM embodies vibration of the Universe, harmony, & immortal soul Buddha reminds us to be peaceful and look within ourselves.

Infinity Mirrored-Hearts – represent your unlimited and unconditional love for yourself and others.

Black Lava Rock - Grounding, Calming, Strength, Courage;  Use with essential oils for a wonderful aromatherapy experience.

Accented with high quality zinc-alloy beads

Durable design using stainless steel cord and clasps.  Easy to use one-handed clasp.

Bead layout may vary slightly for different sizes.

*Our earth frequency-based jewelry is made of components which are imprinted with 7.83 HZ frequency via a proprietary method.    The principle is the resonance of the imprinted jewelry tunes the body closer to the Earth's frequency where many people experience creativity, balance, grounding, strength, healing, etc.  Click here for more info.

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