Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your products contain lead or nickel?

A: Although we  have not conducted our own tests, all our suppliers verify their metals are free of lead and nickel before we source from them.

Q: I would like my nylon cord bracelet to fit tighter.  Is there anything I can do?

A: We make the nylon cord bracelets to be 1.25" larger than your actual wrist size.  To make it more snug, you can compress the weave of the bracelet by working it further away from the button clasp.  Then you can loosen the knot at the end, bring it in, and tighten it.

Q: What's the best way to put on the nylon cord bracelet? 

A: Some people have found it is easier when you have the loop to the outside of the wrist and button on the inside of the wrist, although it can work either way.   The loop is designed to have the button go through sideways, like when you button a shirt.

Q: How can I maximize the life of my stretch cord bracelet?

A: Keep out of extreme heat; Roll the beads over your hand onto your wrist without excessive stretching or contact with rings on your fingers; Avoid prolonged wear; Do not expose to chemicals like shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc.  We use some of the most durable stretch cords available with the intention they will hold up longer than less expensive bracelets.

Q: When should I restring my stretch cord bracelet?

A: In the industry, stretch cord is recommended to be changed every 1-2 years depending on wear.  Many of our customers have shared they have worn their stretch bracelets every day for at least 2 years, but YMMV.  Some people believe when your bracelet breaks, you have made a breakthrough in your life.


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