Metatron Flower Rainbow

KarmaCords Metatron's Cube Flower of Life Geometry Reversible Necklace

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Product Sizing Instructions
Bracelet size

To determine your wrist size, take a string, cord or piece of paper and wrap around your wrist against your skin without being loose. Hold or mark one of the ends. Measure the length from one end to your marking with a ruler. We add length for the bracelet to fit comfortably.  The average for women tends to be 6-6.25" and men tends to be 7-7.25".  If you have a preference for a tighter or looser fit, please include in the order notes.

Necklace length

18" necklaces will fit most people.   For a larger build or to have a lower hanging necklace, select 21-22".   For choker size necklaces on nylon cord, we also have 15-16" lengths.

Cord Type
  • Upgrade to 18" 4mm Nylon Soft Cord Necklace with Stainless Steel Clasp
  • 21-22" 2mm stainless steel rounded box chain
  • 18" 1.5mm stainless steel snake chain
  • 20" 1.5mm stainless steel box chain
  • 20" 4mm steel link chain
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Beautiful Metatron's Cube - Flower of Life Stainless Steel pendant with rainbow plating on stainless steel box chain.

Each pendant features Metatron's Cube in polished silver steel overlaid on top of the Flower of Life with a striking rainbow plating. The color and design is different on each side, allowing you to wear it two different ways. The photos show a difference in color for both sides with shades of blue, purple and green as well as orange, pink, and yellow. The colors have a very eye-catching look as you view from different angles. One pendant with chain is included. The box chain is 20 inches long and has a lobster clasp.

The the exact coloring may vary since no 2 pieces are exactly the same. When ordering, please include a note if you have a preference for specific colors (blue-purple, purple-pink, pink-orange-yellow) and we will do our best to accommodate you depending on what is available. No matter which color combinations you receive, it will be stunning.

Metatron's Cube is a symbol of creation and contains every shape in the universe that has the building blocks for all of life.  It symbolizes the balance of energy in all that is.   The Flower of Life reminds us we are connected to everything in the universe and can tap in to our divine source.

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