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Everything I have purchased has not only been beautiful, but also deeply meaningful, unique and powerful. I have given countless KarmaCords pieces as gifts and they're always a big hit!! The jewelry is made to last and designed perfectly down to the smallest detail. I definitely recommend Karmacords jewelry to everyone. Such good vibes!!. - Violet

I LOVE my AUM locket with my essential oils. It has a rugged nylon cord and the design is so lovely. I can wear it easily when I teach yoga and it drapes beautifully at my sternum. (I feel a little lost when I am not wearing it.) My son loves his necklace and bracelet, too. My son uses his bracelet as a fidget toy and it looks so cool on him. The construction is so solid. Much of the nylon cord jewelry is perfect for kids like my son with ADHD and high functioning autism. Thanks - Kristin S.

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Earth Frequency Based Jewelry

Earth Frequency Based Jewelry

It is believed the Earth protects all living things with a natural frequency of 7.83 hertz on average. This is also the human brain’s average alpha frequency, which is a relaxed state.     Everything in the universe and our bodies is vibrational.  Our earth frequency-based jewelry is made of components which are imprinted with 7.83 HZ frequency via a proprietary method.    The principle is the resonance of the imprinted jewelry tunes the body closer to the Earth's frequency where many people experience creativity, balance, grounding, strength, healing, etc.   In our experience, virtually everyone who has tried one of these pieces felt a significant difference demonstrated during muscle testing with the frequency-imprinted jewelry compared to without.

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