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: Air Jordan XX9 will be launched this month on the 28 day of this year, particularly favored "Infrared 23" color matching. What's more, the shoes are made of red dominated "big logo" version, which gives visual impact very strongly. ; Nike ACG has been a series of minor concerns, but there are also some interesting shoes. For example, recently released this fall winter new OKWAHN 2. OKWAHN Nike ACG shoes for the outdoor climbing launched shoes, because of its avant-garde, but also functional and comfort, and soon became popular outdoor products. In view of this, Nike ACG released an upgraded version of OKWAHN 2 in spring and summer, inheriting the previous generation of waterproof leather and wear-resistant rubber soles. And shoes on the same continuation of the design of the previous generation, in addition to some higher uppers and shoes with an increase of air holes, the other are not much change. The heels keep air cushion designs for comfort, whether they are walking at ordinary times or climbing outdoors. The shoes will be released in August, I would like to try Outdoor styling friends, may wish to consider. 2012-7-30 08:15 upload and download attachments (95.91 KB) for the traditional shoes industry team, high-end talent shortage, low difficult to recruit workers, has become the industry's widespread "difficult" issues. The shoes in the construction of a powerful country, talent strategy is crucial, because talent is the first resource, all the strategy must rely on talent to realize. In the future development of the industry and enterprise, we must earnestly study and practice finally solved the problem, people-oriented, training and building a high-quality personnel, only in this foundation to lay our country shoes. today, there is no growth opportunities, opportunities for development has become the primary condition of many talents selection of enterprises, from the point of view of private enterprises and the majority of shoes, for employees' growth opportunities and development space is very limited, also showed the enterprises for their own development prospects are not clear. Because of some enterprises in the business strategy and management methods is the short-term behavior and speculation, no long-term strategic objectives of development, as the enterprise employees, self development prospect and the development prospects are closely related, if not se Cheap foamposites for sale e hope, some employees will choose to leave the pursuit of self realization. In addition, some enterprises for staff to provide growth space is limited, the family enterprise organization structure in the top is closed, the family members of the supreme power of the monopoly hinders high-quality personnel to access the highest level of decision-making, limits the development space of non family members. In the employment level, shoes enterprises labor intensity, work time, so as to provide employees with training opportunities are very limited. If a small and medium-sized private enterprises can provide a relatively favorable treatment of the material, but also can not provide the talent to meet the spiritual needs, with the characteristics of the enterprise intangible benefits (such as the advanced enterprise culture etc.), such enterprises are difficult to attract and retain employees to a great extent. how to build a adapt to the majority of small and medium enterprises shoes industry personnel, the reporter thinks, should be mainly from two aspects. First of all, the establishment of modern enterprise system, improve the internal management of enterprises. The vast majority of apparel enterprises are private enterprises, the capital property in a strong "three yuan", namely with consanguinity, become important factors hindering private enterprises to establish modern enterprise system, establish a scientific and effective mechanism for decision-making and management. We must rebuild and improve the corporate governance structure of private enterprises, that is, under the premise of adhering to the corporate governance structure of modern enterprises, and combining the characteristics of private enterprises to adjust. Clear the rights and responsibilities of the various stakeholders, and improve the mutual restraint mechanism. Some experts believe that this is the construction of private enterprise management system, to avoid brain drain the first measure. secondly, establish effective incentive mechanism. Increased shoes enterprise talent shortage, companies compete for the "human" has become increasingly intense. To retain talent, many enterprises in the treatment, condition, equity and other aspects of multi pronged approach, SMEs face the fierce market competition must respect knowledge and talents to the maximum extent, to establish a scientific compensation and incentive mecha air jordan 11 space jam for sale nism to work hard. According to the different characteristics of talents, "on-demand motivation" and "timely encouragement"1-140111093116.jpg (106.72 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-11 09:58 upload Miami against the nets game is like a raging fire, today James wore KING JAMES nickname Jersey, and wore a red color of the Nike Zoom Soldier 7 PE, LBJ LOGO and Swoosh with white, very eye-catching effect on foot.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] since February to begin preparations, Nike recently by micro-letter launched the first mobile communications platform. Micro-letters Tencent technology developed by China is currently the most popular social messaging applications. Nike is called with the "Nike Move" concept "sports brand subscription platform", after August 23, sports fans can access the internet via Android and Apple smartphones, this opportunity just to catch this month at the 2012 Nike sink activities 23-26 in Shanghai. platform before the launch, Nike QR code (above) is used as online display advertising and outdoor advertising suspense, vigorously put Baidu, taxis, posters, billboards, and retail flyers and other communication channels to attract everyone Nike micro letter Follow platform. more than 100 million micro-channel users will be able to choose to join the platform and subscribe to the Nike account. After the subscription, fans will be able to activate the Daily News from Nike. "micro letter is our customer relationship management system to establish the ultimate platform," Nike Greater China Media Manager Huang Ting (Vicky Huang) representation. "We want to deepen the links between the consumer, from broadcast to dialogue, from one to many-to-one," she added. "We chose the micro-channel platform is because the mobile phone penetration rate in China is very high among young people - over 50 percent usage, they rely on the phone almost various forms of exchanges," Mindshare is responsible interactive marketing business partner Nike Ray Xiu ?b (Stella Jamie Lui) explains. Core domain marketing ?????? (Carolina Lam) and Martin Li will be responsible for updating the Nike brand micro-letter day subscription content platform. Nike's mobile campaign will be launched in three phases. In the second phase, Tencent allow Nike cooperation agents in their open application programming interface (API), the brand existing sports applications (for example, Nike + running) and micro-channel integration. with traditional text-based mobile communications tools (for example, QQ, SMS / MMS etc.), the micro-channel support for voice chat (one to one and group) as well as photo and video sharing. Tencent spokesman told Campaign Asia-Pacific, before other multinational brands (for example, Pepsi and Starbucks) has micro-credit in mobile campaigns, but Nike was the first to launch micro-channel to promote its sports brand in China. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) England Queens Park Rangers club and sports brand in Canada Dryworld jointly announced the a cooperation agreement, provide a full set of training, equipment and related products from the 2016-17 season to start the next ten seasons, Dryworld for Queens Park Rangers Football Club. 's cooperation with the Queens Park Rangers marks the first step in the expansion of Dryworld in the UK and Europe over the next few seasons in the United Kingdom. Dryworld is now the official equipment supplier in Brazil, Fruminen Jose and the three Atletico club. Queens Park Rangers club business director Euan & middot; Inglis (Euan Inglis) said: "we are very pleased and Dryworld in partnership with the this is a exciting news, and I look forward to in the next few years, with their team forward hand in hand." Inglis went on to say: "for any commercial cooperation financial is obviously the most important, but the club in the agreement have on the design of New Jersey complete autonomy, so we can ensure with customized design, I know this for our fans is very important." Club CEO Lee & middot; Robert Huth (Lee Hoos) confirmed the New Jersey will be available at the end of June, he said: "the new season of Jersey is really great, I am sure that fans will like him. We know exactly what the fans want and let us look forward to the moment when the New Jersey was unveiled in June." Dryworld global operations director Craig & middot; Craig Stewart said: "we are very pleased with Queens Park Rangers such a prestigious club, the same is ambitious team, the same values let us come together, I stay in the next few years we create technical help bring success to the club on the pitch." source: ouou??????free womens shoes vio anth purp cit Enjoying the outdoors cheap speed turf shoes Sneakers femme Nike Air Force Low womens shoes vio anth purp cit Enjoying " /〉 running shoes for women sale An online matchmaking service called Homepolish leads clients gently into the intimidating realm of home improvement free womens shoes vio anth purp cit Enjoying the outdoors New York famous fashion shops, street brand again DQM and Vans cooperation, jointly launched a series of new shoes, the Sk8-Hi LX and Old Skool by 46 LX pairs of shoes classic high-end show, will be exclusively available in the DQM store. This series of shoes inspired by the New York representative of the brown stone house, the distribution of many brown stone built houses has become a unique and beautiful scenery of New York, also quietly recorded past changes in city, and city of the vicissitudes of life. the shoes in the classic Sk8-Hi LX Old Skool? 46 and LX on the basis of the selection of brown stone residential common red, gray and brown color as the color tone, at the same time in the selection of general senior leather, suede, nubuck leather material and canvas combination, also very carefully in detail, lace holes used rivet and tortoise shell material, make the shoes on the shoe texture doubled, not only are on both sides of the joint identification, is also printed on the New York landscape painting pattern, at the same time, the shoe body adopts the Scotchgard technology, in order to increase water resistance, in order to adapt to the east coast of the United States marine climate rainy spring. this series of joint will include male and female size, will be available in March 19th, New York's SoHo The Vans DQM General DQM stores and the official website of the New York can buy. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogNike SB "SB Reed Chronicles second" French premiere Watch the scene 2014-02-24 20:57:33 At the end of the & nbsp; "SB Reed Chronicles Part II" premiere after Shanghai, Nike SB and immediately organized a new session in France's premiere event. "SB Reed Chronicles Part II" is the latest full-length movie Nike SB skateboarding video program, as well as "SB Reed Chronicles" trilogy backbone to make, on the event, in addition to the film's premiere, the site also display, including Nike Lunar One Shot and other new Nike SB early 2014. Site brings together many skateboard enthusiasts, organizers also opened up a spot skateboard area, so you skaters it a go. Adidas Runbase base in the West Bank after the start, we will achieve year-round open (opening hours - Monday to Friday: 14:00 to 20:00; Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to 21:00 ). Where a opening hours, all members can enter Runbase experience exchange, free rental Adidas shoes latest quarter, to experience feelings of Adidas shoes technology brings fresh innovation can feel. And footscan science and technology provided by the Runbase in running friends may be more aware of their foot type characteristics, find the most suitable running shoes, which ran better results. Runbase also through a number of services and facilities are committed to providing excellent care for running the faithful. Wherein the changing rooms, storage boxes, toilets, functional design sitting area, as well as emergency medical drugs and poncho and other reserves, can make run faithful solve the worries, thus reassuring smooth run. Not only that, there will be a professional running training, running a comprehensive test, running free service, running scientific knowledge, rational nutrition, and even physical recovery after running, so run faithful more healthy, scientific work out. In addition, adidas also offers the opportunity to Runbase members priority access to the Adidas-sponsored marathon places, help running friends challenge themselves to complete the dream. Nike KD 5 release date announcement color Christmas 2013-12-08 22:48:35 too long ago we reported this double & nbsp; Nike KD 5 & nbsp; Christmas color spy, a source of inspiration for this color Durant received in childhood video games Christmas gifts, so the use of shoe design on the old video game elements to create a mosaic picture, very special. Today, this Nike KD 5 & nbsp; color Christmas announced its commercially available date, this color will be December 26 at designated monopoly sale on the shelves will not be in the country is still unknown. Nike KD 6 N7 color Spy Shots 2013-12-08 23:32:22 Kevin Durant whole new generation of boots & nbsp; Nike KD6 still be continuation of the previous two generations N7 series introduced color of the habit, overwhelmed, the new color will be the first appearance KD6 N7 network. Obscure shoes covered with blue, tongue and lined in black to build, together with the red handle details, N7 logo is loaded to the top of the tongue.